1Number of CFWC Clubs: 225

Number of Affiliate Clubs: 11

Number of CFWC Districts: 19

Number of CFWC Members: 10,996

It’s with great pride that I am serving as the Membership Officer for the California Federation of Women’s Clubs.  We’ve many exciting things planned in this Administration and in order to make things as easy and clear as possible.  In the following few pages you will find useful information and forms. 

For your ease, here you can find information on:

  • Reporting for the 2015 Club and District Year
  • Recent CFWC Workshop Handouts
  • How to obtain a Welcome Letter for your new members
  • How to apply for an Anniversary Certificate
  • How to submit pictures of your Membership to GFWC
  • Ideas on the 2016 – 2018 GFWC Membership Program and GFWC Membership Grants
  • How to get your club listed in the GFWC Clubwoman Magazine Recruitment page
  • How to apply for 25 and 50 Year Membership Pins
  • How to apply for Star Recruitment Pins

It is my hope that you will each be attending your Area Meeting in October. One of the projects I will be undertaking is that of Recognizing and Addressing the Needs of all of our 11,919 plus CFWC Members.  That is why I have asked your newly elected Area Vice Presidents to help me put a Handbook together that addresses the following:

  • Retention
  • New Members
  • Integrity
  • Amenities & Protocol
  • Fun
  • Teambuilding
  • Signs of Trouble
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education
  • Member Tools

Our Handbook will be ready for distribution at the October Area Meetings for free.  It is time to utilize every member, all ages, all talents and all ideas to bring the California Federation to the forefront of Volunteerism.

Membership Reporting for the 2015 Club and District Year

All CFWC clubs are to complete the CLUB AWARD ENTRY FORM required by the 1st VP, Dori Kelsey, as provided on this webpage by thumbnail.  Clubs should follow their District rules, adhering to deadlines and submission copies.

All CFWC districts are to complete the DISTRICT AWARD ENTRY FORM required by the 1st VP, Dori Kelsey, as provided on this webpage by thumbnail.  The District Award Entry Form and all Club Award Entry Forms should be submitted to both the Area VP representing the District’s Area and the 2nd VP of CFWC, each require a full set of all reports submitted.  Reports are due by February 15, 2017.

All Membership Reports should follow the rules as outlined on the Award Entry Forms; please note that there is no special Membership Report Form.  The Forms, as provided online and in your CFWC manual, are easy to follow and “Membership” should be written or typed in the Program Title area.

 Membership Awards

 Club and Membership Awards will be given for the following:

  • Best Membership Narrative (at both the club and district levels)
  • Membership Increase Awards for 10% and better (at both the club and district levels)
  • Most Creative Membership Program (at the club level)
  • CFWC Past President Chimes Perpetual Award for highest percentage net gain in members (at the district level)

                                    Club Size by Category                                District Size by Category
                                    Small Club: 1 - 20 members                     Small District: 1 – 400 members
                                    Medium Club: 21 – 40 members             Medium District: 401 – 700 members
                                    Intermediate Club: 41 – 70                       Intermediate Club: n/a
                                    Large Club: 71 members and above      Large District: 701 members and above

YOUR MEMBERSHIP REPORTS COUNT: over the past 4 years CFWC has garnered recognition at the International level by winning each of the Awards listed below.  Make sure your club’s and district’s understand the significance and importance of their Reports and revel in the knowledge that CFWC excels in Membership!

GFWC Membership Awards

GFWC recognizes State Federations for outstanding projects and clubs for creative projects in implementing effective Membership programs, as follows:

  • Certificate to one State Federation in each membership category
  • $50 award to one club in the nation for project creativity

Award winners will be determined by entries into the Awards Program. Each State Federation may submit one State Award Entry Cover Sheet and one Club Creativity Award Entry Cover Sheet for the Membership program. Clubs do not submit entries directly to GFWC.

A $500 award will be given at the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention to one state in each GFWC membership category that records the largest number of new clubs federated with GFWC during the 2016-2018 GFWC Administration.

State membership chairmen must send the completed New Club Form to GFWC Headquarters within 60 days of the new club’s federation date in order for the new club to qualify. Dues for the new club must be received by GFWC no later than the next February 15 dues deadline. The award is based solely on information provided to GFWC via the New Club Forms submitted between July 1, 2016, and May 1, 2018.

CFWC Convention Workshop Handouts
The 2016 Convention Workshop Handouts for the following may be found on this webpage by thumbnail.  They are as follows:

  • The Great Muppet Caper
  • Grant Writing
  • Hook, Line and Sinker

 How to obtain a Welcome Letter for your new members to Federation

The Area VP’s will be able to send you a letter from Toby Kahan welcoming new members to your club.  Please send a written request or email request with the name of your new member to your elected Area Official.

Your Area elected Officers are:

Deborah Bushnell, Area A Vice President
Doris Duquette, Area B Vice President
Barbara Briley-Beard, Area C Vice President
Stephanie Stark, Area D Vice President

Each of these ladies have their contact information provided on their webpages for your convenience.  Please give the Area Officers 3-weeks to get your Welcome Letter out via mail to your member.

Member, Club and District Anniversary Certificates

Certificates can be obtained by written request for your Member, clubs and districts celebrating the following Anniversaries:

  • 25 Years
  • 30 Years
  • 35 Years
  • 40 Years
  • 45 Years
  • 50 Years
  • 55 Years
  • 60 Years
  • Each Year after 60 years individually

 Please submit your request to Pam Ament, include the name of the member, the name of the club or district.  Provide the address of the person that the certificate should be mailed to and the name of the requesting member.  Additionally, provide the date joined, (Junior Club time counts), or the date incorporated.  Please give a 3-week turnaround for all Certificates requested.

 Clubwoman Magazine Photo Submission

Inspire other CFWC & GFWC clubs by submitting your success stories and photos to membership Services Manager, Kate Garlick.  You may contact her at: KGarlick@GFW.org.

2016 – 2018 GFWC Membership Program

The complete GFWC 18-page Membership Advancement Guide is available for download by thumbnail on this webpage for the 2nd Vice President, Officers section.  GFWC’S “IT’S THE REAL DEAL” RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN is ongoing for 2016 - 2017.  Join GFWC clubs nationwide in our popular membership recruitment campaign. 

  • June, July, and August: GO FISH FOR MEMBERS, your Report due September 1
  • September, October, and November: BRIDGE THE GAP, your Report due December 1
  • December, January, and February: GAME OF HEARTS, your Report due March 1
  • March, April, and May: 52 PICK UP - A MEMBERSHIP TOOL, your Report due June 1

Participate in GFWC’S “IT’S THE REAL DEAL” recruitment campaign.  Recruitment is a year-round process, and the campaigns and reporting of new members reflect this fact. A club that recruits three new members during each season will end the year with 12 new members! Clubs may plan creative membership recruitment campaigns and events around the many national awareness issues that are aligned with GFWC Community Service Programs, special programs, and commemoration days and months.

The possibilities are as diverse as our organization. Always include Federation facts, food, and fun. Clubs achieving and reporting three new members as a result of their recruiting efforts will be recognized in GFWC Clubwoman Magazine.

Send the name of the recruiter and the names and contact information of the active, dues-paying new members to Pam Ament, CFWC 2nd Vice President of Membership. Deadlines are listed with the Seasonal information as previously noted in this section.

GFWC Membership Grants

GFWC offers $50.00 grants for recruitment activities in conjunction with seasonal recruitment campaign activities.  The Grants are distributed four times a year in advance of the season during which the funded activities will take place.  The Membership Grant Application form is available in the resources section of GFWC.org.

GFWC Clubwoman Magazine Membership Recruitment Announcement

CFWC Clubs gaining and reporting three new (CFWC dues paying) members on the Seasonal Recruitment Campaign Report Form (available in the resources section of GFWC.org) will be recognized in the GFWC Clubwoman Magazine. 

25 and 50 Year Membership Pins
Form is posted by thumbnail

Star Recruitment Pins
Form is posted by thumbnail

                                      BRANCHING OUT WITH MEMBERSHIP

Branching Out with Membership is your 2016 – 2018 Membership Team theme.  We really want to instill in our California Federation Members that you only need to branch out to other members in order to help and support.  We have such strong roots as an organization and as one, we can provide shelter, shade, beauty and strength for one another.

Toby has given all of us such a marvelous theme for this Administration: A Legacy of Strength, A Spirit of Hope.  These are not just words put together, but an ideal filled with passion and spirit.  We need to build upon the words and their meaning in order to enhance the vitality and assets we each offer to our clubs and districts.

The intensity we utilize to make us better volunteers for our community is a powerful tool, which we can harness and focus towards the betterment of the entire world.  It truly does take a village to raise awareness and every CFWC member has the potential to reach their unbounded membership driven dreams, all we need to do is invest in our Memberships!

Be creative this year with Membership, try new things, keep an open mind.  Do not place yourself in a box and try to think out of it…there is no box!  Our membership boundaries are limitless, there is nothing we cannot do if we work together.  Create better Teams with the members in your clubs and districts so that you may enjoy the benefits of one another.  Be kind to everyone and enjoy the company of everyone.  Create a club and district atmosphere your members want to flock to.  Have fun!

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

A Legacy of Strength, A Spirit of Hope