“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

Reports, Reports, and more Reports.  I like to write and find that with a simple outline, kicking out a Narrative for Report Writing is easy for me.  But, that is me, and not everyone finds it so easy.  So, a goal of this Administration is to help streamline Report Writing and Report Forms. 

I have a vision that will allow our forms to be in the same format as that of GFWC, making it easier for all of us to become the writers we were meant to be.  This is going to create a stronger bond for Team CFWC. 

Another one of my goals this Administration is to become less dependent on our name tags…if I can remember something about you, you become personal to me…we are pals, not just volunteers.  If I know your name and you know mine, and that makes for a stronger Team too.  So, let’s get a little personal and find out more than just about club where our members are concerned.

“Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to.” 
― Lao Tzu


Okay, a bit more about Reports.  I like Reports, but then, as I mentioned, I am great with words.  We are going to strive to create a change in Report Writing that makes everyone want to be part of the process.  Forms are not changing too much, and the Deadlines are still the Deadlines, but it is my job to encourage you, so that you feel motivated to encourage your memberships to get a little bragging down on paper.

Recently, at the CFWC Ontario Executive Board Meeting in July, (2018), the Assembly heard a 20-minute Report Writing Workshop, later, the Deans and the Chairmen received a little more time and information on the same subject.  However, it’s time to really shine beginning now.  We know our clubs and districts love winning Awards at the State and International Conventions.  So, if winning is the prize, it is my job to find the right carrot, or brownie, to dangle in front of their noses to get them off and running towards writing a Report.

Each of you can help by looking for those carrots in your clubs and districts as well.  What is it that we must brag about in the Reporting Year of January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018?  Your members know, ask them.  Make Report Writing fun, informative, and a project you can all do together.

Some of the new Reporting implementations will be:

We shall be working on the use of Webinars, Skype, and video posts on the CFWC Website.  Familiarize yourself with as much tech as you are comfortable with; let’s all learn together. Dori’s theme is “Keeping Up with The Times”, so let’s use that as a goal for Team CFWC!

I am encouraging our Clubs and Districts to go “paperless” as much as they can during this Administration in reporting.  It is okay to send your Reports via email as an attachment to the CFWC Chairmen.  I have asked the District Deans to consider this as well.  (Just think about all those Conservation Reports where you can write: we went paperless)!

Apart from the Arts Programs, there will be no cash prizes awarded in this Administration. 

All Deadlines will be strictly adhered to: Reports to the CFWC Chairmen are due on or before February 15, 2019. 

There is a big change in how Reports are judged this Administration.  Implemented are new ways to be fair and more inclusive. We will be judging all Reports equally at the State Level for Awards, not just the District Winners.  Therefore, every Report written by a club and district is sent to the corresponding Chairman.

I am hoping that each of you will be at your Area Meeting, or an Area Meeting in October.  Our numbers are dwindling everywhere: in Membership, at State Conventions, at Executive Board Meetings, at Area Meetings, and at club & district meetings.  We need to lead by example and show up ourselves, let everyone know you are going and that Pam is speaking on Report Writing!  Who knows, we may all be singing by the end of that Workshop.

I am very excited, and I know you can see that, so let’s be excited together!  Let’s get to know one another as more than a name tag & title.  Let’s create a buzz all up & down the State that each of our 11,508 members can hear, and when they ask about it, you can tell them: I am part of Team CFWC!

1st VICE PRESIDENT & Dean of Chairmen 

Pamela Z. Ament