“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

What do you find Joyful? As members of the most wonderful organization I can think of, finding joy is easy, I look for the simple desire to help others in need. I find joy in that action and I am sure that all of you do as well. What we can do as a person or as a group can be both impactful for the one receiving and bring joyful fulfillment to the one giving as well. Therefore, we are, so many of us are drawn to club, we want to help others by holding out our hands and hearts.

So, how do we make that action count? We Track it, we Report it, we let others know about it at times when it seems appropriate by Blowing Our Own Horn! It’s time for Blowing Our Horns, time to Track, and time to Report.

Reports have not changed much this year: we Report on our Programs and Projects for the Calendar year of 2019…the Forms are the same, they are on the website, in the Yearbook and your District Deans have Form Packets as well. We want to make it easy to Blow our Horns, so there are still 2 ways to submit your Reports: Hardcopy or Electronic.

It is up to the Clubs to choose how they want to submit their Reports: electronic or hardcopy, the Clubs get first choice. 

Districts will then choose how to sort and submit the Reports to the CFWC Chairmen: electronic or hardcopy. Once again, every Report submitted from a Club is to be sent to the CFWC Chairman and all Reports will be judged by size and category. Due dates are on each Form, so comply with the parameters set please.

Last year we changed how we Blow Our Horns, we decided to judge each Report written at the State level, giving Districts more time on their end to judge for District Conventions and giving more time at the State Level for the CFWC Chairmen to read about all of the wonderful projects each and every club is doing. We also began a 10-year countdown to taking the CFWC Reports Writing process paperless, we are now on year 9 in that countdown. Over 80% of the 11,500 plus membership met the goal of paperless…15 Districts went paperless, 1 District went hard copy, 2 Districts did a combo of both. This was fabulous, you were fabulous!

If your Club and District went paperless last year: Report It! Put it in your Conservation Report and Blow that Horn! CFWC Clubs and Districts donated well over $30,000.00 to Penny Pines last year…think of what going paperless has done for that project! We are now planting trees and saving them, how joyful is that!

Get Ready for Reports, Get Ready with Your Horns and Let’s save some more Trees this Year, Be Joyful!

“Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to.” 
― Lao Tzu


1st VICE PRESIDENT & Dean of Chairmen 

Pamela Z. Ament