“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs


Martha Pittore

“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.” 
Nicholas Sparks, 

A Walk to Remember

Amenities are the courteous acts, which contribute to harmony and gracious hospitality. Protocol is the use of established rules or etiquette and ceremony. These are the goals of this amenities chairman.


The Amenities/Protocol chairman works with the president and carries out her wishes; be sure to check with the president prior to the meeting. The Amenities chairman, Presidents Aide and Meeting planner work as a team to help the State President with all the necessary duties to achieve a successful Board meeting or Convention.

Be friendly, upbeat, helpful, gracious, diplomatic, positive, humorous, and be punctual at all times while performing duties as amenities /protocol chairman. “ Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”, by Anthony D’Angelo

  • Sit where the president is able to see you and be available throughout the meeting.
  • Always try to know the time of arrival of speakers, prior to the start of the meeting, assign a host so special guests and speakers won’t be left alone.
  • Past State Presidents should always be treated with the utmost courtesy, should be acknowledged and without doubt introduced during the meeting. When introducing the past state presidents, begin with the most recent, then the others in order of dates served.

On the CFWC level be prepared to serve beverages and snacks to the CFWC Executive committee the day before the regular session begins.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, you will be on your feet a lot.


Please give her the consideration due her office; she is the ONLY State President. When introduced, the members stand to show respect for the office. This is done the “first” time she is introduced and all members should be made aware of the timing at a meeting or convention. The president handles her own itinerary. She usually speaks a minimum of 20 minutes. Assign a hostess to the president and do not leave her alone, if she is driving, you should reserve her a parking place if possible. If she is driving a long distance suggest she bring a traveling companion. Please comp the companion’s lunch. If flying, the president should be met and escorted to where she will be staying. Our State President will be traveling to many of our districts and clubs around the state, so let’s make life a little easier for her.

                “True hospitality consist of giving the best of yourself to your guest!”
                                                  By Eleanor Roosevelt