“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

I am honored to serve as your Area D VP and to be a part of the 2018-2020 Membership team.  Our area comprises five Southern California Counties:   Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. We are over 4000 members strong within our 5 Districts, and 88 clubs.  Our area is empowered by members who are dedicated to helping and improving the communities they serve.

We must reach out to gain new members and retain our existing membership in order to support our communities and our sister clubs.  It is by working together and playing together that we will strengthen the bonds of sisterhood that enable each club to reach its goals and to grow.  Loving what you do equals fun rather than work.

Please be sure to call on me; I am available to assist you with membership questions and problems, find answers to other questions you may have about Federation and Federation projects by directing you to the knowledgeable chairmen.  I’m also available just to chat, too. By working together, members, clubs and districts can continue the work our foremothers began over 100 years ago. As technology continues to improve, our world becomes smaller as communication is more expedient.  We can share our triumphs and our fears, solve problems easier and find solutions faster as our sisterhood grows closer as a family.  Our lives today are far different from our foremothers and our clubs must reflect this growth and change as we go forward. Our membership will reflect our communities and we will make a conscious effort to reach out to new populations of women as we recruit new members, inspiring them by action, and showing them through the simple joy of camaraderie, not just words.

Let Area D be the leader in these endeavors as we work together and Make It Happen!


“You can't stop time. You can't capture light. You can only turn your face up and let it rain down.” 
― Kim Edwards, The Memory Keeper's Daughter