“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs


“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” 
― Anna Wintour



Objective:  To encourage members to promote, create, contribute to and introduce art education and activities in their communities by participation in all areas of the Arts.

CFWC Special Emphasis:  Support, promote and attend school productions and local community theater.

Program Objectives:

  •     Create programs/projects that include all areas of the Arts; past, present, new and upcoming.
  •     Develop art opportunities for people with disabilities. Think VSA California, a statewide non-profit arts & education organization on arts and disability that makes the Arts accessible to people of all abilities by providing arts, education & cultural opportunities.
  •     Educate others by promoting women’s Arts achievements.
  •     Inspire members by recognizing unique Arts programs, projects and successes.
  •     Observe Youth Art Month in March.  Highlight the importance of youth Arts education.
  •     Raise awareness of the unlimited benefits created through all Arts programs.
  •     Recognize artistic talents of members and students by having contests and giving awards.

    Support The Painted Turtle Camp with Turtle pillows, lap quilts/afghans and art supplies.   
    Contact them at:  The Painted Turtle Camp        

        (310) 451- 1353              Toll free: (866) 451 - 5367
        1300 – 4th St., Ste. 300            
        Santa Monica, CA 90401


  •     Collect and donate music instruments to schools and youth music programs.
  •     Donate ticket for young people to attend cultural events
  •     Establish awards for club & community members acknowledging their artistic achievements.
  •     Give youth scholarships to students studying in all areas of the Arts.
  •     Host school art exhibits or student art exhibits.
  •     Invite local musicians or artists to speak at a club meeting.
  •     Visit galleries, museums, exhibits, music events and dramatic events.
  •      Volunteer as docents.

     DONATE TO THE CFWC ART FUND!  Thank you!    
Arts Community Service Narrative:  This will include all activities your club did in music, writing, photography, art, crafts, numbers of turtle pillows, lap quilts and afghans and Very Special Arts (VSA), all within one report.

Awards:  A CFWC certificate will be awarded to one District and one Club in each membership size category to recognize your outstanding achievement.

A CFWC certificate will be awarded to each club making turtle pillows, lap quilts/afghans and donating art supplies to The Painted Turtle Camp.

GFWC Award:  A $50.00 award is given annually to one club to recognize creativity in implementing an effective Arts Community Service Program Project.  Based on the narrative reports, the clubs do not submit entries to GFWC.

This chairman is available for Club or District visits.  Contact me!