“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs


Objective:  To make the communication and public relations program an essential part of all club activities; enabling clubs to promote community awareness, networking and strong relationships with members and various organizations.

 Action:  Members need to map out a Federation journey

  • Be knowledgeable about history, mission statement, structure and facts about our Club, District, State and International Federation.
  • Acquire a current book of Resolutions; this is the position that our Federation takes on many issues and challenges.
  • Have a complete up to date calendar of Federation events.
  • Place the GFWC/Club brand on all publications & donations. 

Action:  Committing to making your club a needed commodity

  • Appoint a chairman or committee and create a publicity budget.
  • Display a C&PR board at all events.
  • Have a media resources list and enlist club members and friends to assist you in publicizing your events.
  • Send clear, concise press releases focusing on the who, what, when where, why, how and the results; pictures are always welcomed.
  • Visit other organizations, read various newsletters, borrow ideas which are PR proven and educate yourself on “community matters”.
  • Place a Federation sign at your meeting place or entrance to your city.
  • Display your Club & Federation brand on all items and materials taken to meetings and events.
  • Update your club brochures and have them at every club event.
  • Invest in a Club or Federation flag or banner.
  • Give Communication/Public Relations reports at your club meetings.
  • Know the facts about your club and its projects when talking to friends, community members and organizations.

Immediate Action:  You are the mirror’s reflection of your club

  • Be generous, inclusive and gracious at your meetings.
  • Always display  – acceptance, a positive attitude, respect , a sense of purpose in Federation and support for your Federation sisters.

Tools and Resources:

  • Subscribe to the CFWC Clubwoman (available on line) and GFWC Clubwoman magazines.
  • CFWC Quick Bytes  and GFWC News & Notes (Both available online).
  • Federation happenings are found on the websites:  www.cfwc.org  & www.gfwc.org
  • GFWC/CFWC Materials
  • GFWC Marketplace:  1734 N St. NW, Washington DC  20036-2990

Deadline: Three copies of the same issue must be postmarked and sent to this CFWC PR Chairman
by February 1st each year. You bring to the February Board Meeting!
   *Submit three copies of your best issue published during the calendar year. Your cover sheet must state club and district name, number of members, newsletter editor’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Include a 250 word narrative on usage, distribution, frequency of the newsletter and other pertinent information.
   *All clubs and districts may enter their best newsletter; club entries do not have to go through their District.
   *If your District has a contest, it should be mentioned in their narrative report.

GFWC CLUB ONLY NEWSLETTER CONTEST. Send these entries to GFWC 1734 N. St. NW,
Washington, DC 20036-2990 postmarked March 15th. For entry requirements and judging criteria, please go to gfwc.org (search for Contests). Award $50

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