I am so impressed by your initiative in working to get the best club newsletter that you could possibly have!  You said that you have looked at the information on the CFWC and GFWC sites and have found what a newsletter should include, but not a particular format.  I've added a copy of the information from each of these sites in case you might want to run them off and hand them to your newsletter editor so she does not have to do the legwork you've already done.

From the GFWC Manual on Newsletters, the second point states, "Identify a layout and media (electronic, hard copy, or both) that works best for your membership and budget.  Possibilities range from a plain, one-page, photocopied document to a more elaborate, multi-page, colorful newsletter with photos."

You can see from this that there is no particular format that is required or even recommended.  If you have seen a newsletter that has particularly appealed to you, I'm sure the editor would be happy to share a copy with you that your newsletter editor could use as a guide in setting up the format that best suits your club's needs.  Be sure to include the logos of both GFWC and CFWC in the heading (as I'm sure you are already doing).

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  I'd love to hear from you.

In Federation,

Judy Conners

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Deadline: Three copies of the same issue must be postmarked and sent to this CFWC PR Chairman by February 1st each year.

   *Submit three copies of your best issue published during the calendar year. Your cover sheet must state club and district name, number of members, newsletter editor’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Include a 250 word narrative on usage, distribution, frequency of the newsletter and other pertinent information.
   *All clubs and districts may enter their best newsletter; club entries do not have to go through their District.
   *If your District has a contest, it should be mentioned in their narrative report.

GFWC CLUB ONLY NEWSLETTER CONTEST. Send these entries to GFWC 1734 N. St. NW, Washington, DC 20036-2990 postmarked March 15th. For entry requirements and judging criteria, please go to (search for Contests). Award $50


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