“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

Sally Montgomery


Some helpful thoughts on the Election Committee.  The committee consists of one (1) member and one (1) alternate from each Area (A,B,C,& D) in the State.

At the CFWC Convention in May of 2019, the members of this committee will be elected from each of the Areas (A.B,C, & D).  Each district in the Area can nominate a member to serve on the committee.  They are voted on and elected at the Area meeting at the 2019 Convention.  Each Area elects one (1) member and one (1) alternate.  There will be four members on the committee and four alternates.  This committee will meet at the February 2020 State Board Meeting.  At that time duties will be discussed.  Each member will be given a specific duty.  This committee will be in charge of the election at the 2020 CFWC Convention.   

If the Clubs or Districts have any questions, please call or e-mail me.