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 The goal of fundraising is to make money for your club so you can help as many people and organizations as you can. The best scenario is to make the most money with the lest amount of effort.  In the beginning of the year you need to evaluate each fundraiser you did last year and decide how successful it was. If you evaluated it last year at the end of the event,  you will now look at it from a different perspective and  If you said you would try an event one more year, if it was not as successful as it was a few years ago, you might change your mind now or you might tweak it to make it better. Try a new one on a smaller scale to see if works.   Any fundraiser can be large or small depending on the size of the club, size of the community and how much effort you want to put into the event.  Fundraisers  must always be fun for those doing the work and those attending. Set your committees early and remember to include new members, even as co-chairmen, if they are capable.

Can be done during a regular meeting

  • 50-50 You sell tickets, usually 6 for $5. Half the money goes to the club the other half is either  given to  one member as the prize or divided  into smaller prizes so more people can win.
  • A silent Auction – You can have a theme silent auction  like scarves, purses, or jewelry.
  • Gourmet Food Exchange – Each member brings an item of food that is worth at least $5.00 and place it on a table. Items like coffee, candy, cookies, wine and fancy jams etc. They also buy one ticket for $5.00. After the meeting the tickets are drawn. The person with the first ticket drawn gets first choice and so forth. One club looks forward to this at least once a year.
  • Club or District bake sale
  • White Elephant or Gift Exchange eith a Twist – After the holidays everyone brings a gift that they received that they cannot use or do not like.  All the gifts are placed on the table. Each person that brought a gift buys a ticket for $5.00. As the tickets are drawn, the gift are chosen until all are gone

Larger Fundraisers that need committees.

Fashion Shows

  • Put on by a Retail store
  • Put on by members and friends in wedding gowns, prom dresses etc.
  • Historical Society
  • Costume Bank

Bunko Party with door prizes

  • Bingo – See what is allowed in your city I know of one city that does not allow bingo, some require a   license even if it is for one day.
  • Garage and Rummage Sales – These are good money makers if you find the right location.
  • Afternoon Tea – There are several different ways to do a tea. You can have an elegant English Tea where all the tables are the same. You have entertainment and  door prizes. Or you can sell tables and have people decorate a table with their own china and silver and glassware. And there is a contest for which one is prettiest and fits the theme best. There are variations of these two kinds of teas. All are very nice to put on.
  • A Community Dinner, like a Crab and Pasta feed or a Shrimp Basket dinner . These dinners also have table decorations and, door prizes and gift baskets to raise money. These clubs usually make over $20,000 at each event.
  • Flamingo Flocking -   Two members to a house when it gets dark and plants a flock of pink plastic garden flamingos in someone’s front yard. One of the Flamingos has a pouch around it’s neck with information about the club and asking for donation to have the flock removed and who they would like to Flock.  Two days later the flock is gone. This project is fun, good advertising and profitable.
  • Pancake Breakfast – If you have a clubhouse, holding a pancake breakfast every Saturday or Sunday morning or once a week serve lunch or dinner.  You have to have people who are willing to cook and do other jobs.
  • Flea Market – If you know a business that has a large parking lot in a good central location, that you can use on a Saturday, a Flea Market can be a good Fundraiser. You mark off 2-3 parking spaces into one space, with chalk, number them, and sell them to people to sell their own things.  The club can sell food and drinks.  You can have a used Book sale along with it.  You can collect books all year.
  • House Tour – If you live in an area with historical, unusual or just big beautiful homes, a house tour is a nice project. You need about five homeowners, not too far apart, to agree to open their home on a Saturday or Sunday for people to walk through. They can specify what rooms are off limits. One house can have refreshments, another could have a gift sale and if you have a club house you could end there with entertainment or have entertainment at the last house. You clubwomen as guides at each house. A shuttle is nice. The price of the ticket includes all the houses the price of food can be included or be separate.

ORGANIZING A FUNRAISING EVENT – When the club has decided what event to do, a the committee needs to be formed, even if the event is Months away.  You will need:

  • Event Chairman – She usually finds the location for the event
  • Publicity Chairman- Get publicity out early
  • Ticket sales and Reservations – one or two people
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Prizes
  • Entertainment
  • Clean-up
  • And any other committee you need for your event

The committees need to communicate often so all areas are covered and are in agreement. When the event is over, record all the statistics so you will have them when it is time to write reports.

The big question for many years has been, can we use the word raffle and use raffle tickets without get into trouble with the state. If you are holding the drawing in your club or district  and not selling to people that are not at the meeting, you are fine using the tickets and calling it a raffle. If you are doing a big event where you have tickets in your purse and sell them to everyone you see, and  do a mass mailing and send tickets to outsiders then you do need to register with the California Attorney General. The following web page from the Attorney General’s Office will tell you everything you need to know. 

UNIQUE FUNDRAISER FROM 2017                                         

  • Holiday Fantasy – Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club Members - 92 Hours 2,500   Raised $22,000 420 people attended the 23rd year of this event in November.  The event started with local solders and Firefighters entering the room carrying beautifully decorated trees, wreaths, and centerpieces. This was accompanied by the Dougherty High School Choir who sang Patriotic songs, Local dignitaries recognized each service man and firefighter and thanked them for their service. One of the main attractions is the beautifully decorated tables with displays of a wonderful assortment of prizes, and artfully decorated Christmas trees, wreaths and festive centerpieces The guest had a wonderful lunch served by the Marriot Hotel and the Main event is a Fashion Show by Macy’s. Department Store.
  • Outdoor Living & Garden Tour Rossmoor Woman’s Club Members-109   Hours 1,000   Raised  $17,000
  • They show cased 7 beautiful gardens in the Rossmoor community. Over 600 visitors participated in a tour of front and back yards of the homes Each yard was unique and colorful with many flowers on display and great selection of outdoor living ideas.
  • We also offered an outdoor Marketplace at Rush Park where there were  overe 30 local venders.  We had a raffle, food trucks, club members had a craft sale and a “Friendship Garden” where plants were donated by club members for sale. This was very successful in bring our community together.
  • Sock Hop – Granada Hills Woman’s Club Members - 96 Hours 160    Raised $2,025. On a Sunday afternoon we held a Sock- Hop, complete with a band, 50’s décor, and a spaghetti dinner. Even if not dancing, the attendees enjoyed the music singing, the hula hooping.  The dinner included Earth Angel (nice) and Charlie Brown(naughty) punch.
  • Bus Trips – Capay Rancho Women’s Club Members 15   Hours 90    Raised $2,429     The Capay Rancho Women’s Club makes arrangements for residents from three counties(Butte, Glenn , and Tehama to see sights and quality performances they may not normally be able to attend.  The club’s Travel Chairman makes all the arrangements for the trip, securing the buss and tickets for the event and lunch reservations. From the list of over 150 people she starts calling people to fill a 58-seat bus. She sent out a reminder a week before the trip. The trips last year included: “Bouquets 0f Art’ Exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, Phantom 0f the Opera “ in Sacramento, The Play “9 to 5 “ in Sacramento and “ the Great Dickens Christmas Fair” at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
  • Snack Shack –Mammoth Lakes Women’s Club members18   Hours 565    Raised $7,488 In cooperation with the town of Mammoth lakes Recreation Department, the club manned the concession stand at Shady Rest Park during the Little League, Adult Soft Ball League and AYSO soccer seasons,May1 through November I. Members are asked to work at least 12 two- or four-hour shifts during the summer to grill and sell hamburgers and hot dogs as well as snacks, candy and drinks. It is a great time for club members to bond with one another while working, as well as networking with community members and greeting old friend.  To help cover the shifts, we invite other organizations to provide workers in exchange for a portion of the sales.
  • Bluesapalooza – Mammoth Lake Woman’s Club  Members 18  Hours 235  Raised  $5,922. The organizers of the four-day raucous music and craft-brewed beer festival invited the club to staff the bar. Mammoth Brewing Company sold the beer, wine and Sunday’s Bloody Mary’s, but our club earned all the tips   We served an ocean of beer and to encourage folks to tip big, we rang a cowbell every time someone dropped money into our tip cans, which encouraged several 420 donations.  Many friends and family helped us pour and serve. 


“The main problem with this great obsession for saving time is very simple: you can't save time. You can only spend it. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.” 
― Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh