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“Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.” 
― Benjamin Disraeli

The International Outreach Program continues to work with four successful GFWC Partnerships whose primary focus is the needs of developing nations.  These programs have proven they are reliable, and deserve our assistance to further their projects. 

Heifer International helps impoverished families worldwide by providing livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture.  One of the animal’s offspring goes to another. This is ‘Passing on the Gift’. See: Holiday shopping list for gifts and costs.

To learn more about this program contact: Jill Kitty Newborn, Community Engagement Manager E-mail: gfwc@heifer.org, or Phone: 650-823-0589.  

Contributions: Heifer International, 1 World Avenue, Little Rock, AK, 72202  Refer#VOMY00GF. Donations online: fundraiser.heifer.org/GFWC   

Operation Smile helps children born with a cleft lip or cleft palate.  These children have the possibility of improper nutrition, hearing loss, speech development, and dental problems.  They often face cultural stigmas in their communities. Safe, effective and well-timed surgery provides these children with a normal, healthy life.  

Contributions: Operation Smile, 3641 Faculty Boulevard, Virginal Beach, VA 23453   ATTN: GFWC. Website: www.operationsmile.org    Direct Questions: Greta Boyd, Donor Experience Manager   Email: gfwc@operationsmile.org  Phone: 877-240-7196

Shot@Life is a very simplistic project.  Doctors advise their patients to get a yearly Flu Shot.  Participating drug stores provide a shot for someone in a developing country when you receive your shot.  Provide drug stores not involved with information to become a member. The world is 99% polio free, and measles deaths decreased by 74% since 2001.

Contributions: Shot at Life, P. O. Box 96399, Washington, DC 20090 Website: ShotatLife.org

The U.S. Fund for UNICEP’s newest partnership focuses on the ‘End Trafficking Project’.  The initiative is to raise awareness about child trafficking, which mobilizes communities to take meaningful action to help protect children domestically and internationally.

Learn the signs of human trafficking and how to report a case.  

Contact: Mansi Melta for the following items: End Trafficking fundraising tool kit and a copy of the documentary, Human Trafficking Bingo as a fundraiser, and a Fair Trade dinner party.

Reference your club name in the memo line of your donation checks to these programs.