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​​California Federation of Women's Clubs


​Jean von Bargen


The Itinerary Program of CFWC is a way for all clubs and districts to invite CFWC officers and chairmen to speak to their members, this gives all clubwomen the opportunity to share in the knowledge and expertise of the various chairmen and officers of the State Federation. They are available to speak and to share, help, explain, or assist your district, club, and each member in the pursuit of accomplishing goals. It is the best way to gain an insight into the workings of our Federation.

There is no expense to the requesting district or club for a speaker. Interest from the Caroline Severance and Itinerary Funds pay these expenses. Fund Donations are always welcome and appreciated. These donations should be sent to the CFWC Financial Secretary with the appropriate forms.

The District or Club President or Itinerary Chairman fills out the itinerary Request Form and e-mail/sends it to the CFWC State Itinerary Chairman. Whenever possible use email attachments and scanning to request a state speaker.

The CFWC Itinerary Chairman will e-mail or send a copy to the requested speaker. If the request is declined, the speaker will notify the Itinerary Chairman who will notify the club/district requesting her. If accepted, the speaker notifies the Itinerary Chairman who e-mails/sends back to the requesting district or club a confirmed copy. The Expense Form is available on line.
The speaker is responsible for acknowledging and verifying the arrangements made by the district or club to avoid a communication breakdown. This assures mutual understanding of all arrangements.

During the visit, the presiding district or club officer reviews and signs copies of the expense form for the speaker, who will attach the receipts and send everything to the Director of Finance.
The minimum presentation by the speaker is TWENTY MINUTES although a TWENTY-TO-THIRTY MINUTE PROGRAM is expected. The visit may require more time in the event of a workshop.

The CFWC President schedules her own itinerary. She should be contacted directly by the district or club president.


All bills from State Officers and Chairmen, along with RECEIPTS, must be submitted to the CFWC Director of Finance within 30 days; otherwise, the itinerary will be considered a NO CHARGE.   The CFWC Director of Finance must receive all accounts prior to May 25 each year. An Officer or Chairman is limited to one presentation per district or club per year. For Financial information refer to Itinerary Fund in the CFWC Standing Rules. Itinerary Request Forms are on the CFWC Website.