Virginia Mayer-Oakes, Chairman
6049 Magnolia Avenue
Rialto, CA 92377
Phone:  909-875-6824

Purpose:       To encourage clubs or districts to make their voices heard on local, state and national topics not covered by current legislation at those levels of government.  By proposing a resolution, clubs or districts have the opportunity to bring to light a particular problem of concern and to enlist the support of others with like concerns.

Getting Started:       Appoint a resolution chairman who has an interest in improving life in the community and is willing to listen to the concerns of members and an awareness of resolutions being put forward by GFWC and CFWC.  The chairman should report on her findings at a regular business meeting and if there is enough interest suggest forming a committee to formulate a resolution to be brought back to the membership for a vote to proceed.

Issues:           There is no limit to the resolutions your club or district may propose.   The choice is yours.  Currently there are two issues being proposed that can be used as examples.  One of them is the GFWC “Youth Project” described in the 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual.  Its goal is to provide high school students with the skills needed to engage in the legislative process.  The other resolution being proposed is from DeAnza District to ban the use of plastic straws.  Either of these might be a place to begin to educate your members.

Steps to Writing:     First choose your issue.  Then set your goals and research your subject.  Finally write your resolution!  An excellent example can be found in the GFWC Resolutions Section of the Manual.  It offers a step-by-step guideline for writing a resolution.

Follow-Up:  Submit your resolution to the membership for approval.  Send your resolution to the appropriate legislative body or send it to the CFWC Resolutions Committee for further action.

Report Writing:       Whether or not your resolution goes no further than your membership, remember to report your hours in the appropriate community service program.  It would be even nicer if you were to write a narrative.