“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

Program Overview:

The CFWC Legislation & Public Policy Program works to educate and raise awareness on specific issues. It is through our advocacy that we can pass laws that make a real difference in our communities. The goals of Legislation & Public Policy include educating and mobilizing, advocating and building the GFWC brand.

How can we do this?

Legislative Action Center

One of the ”7 Grand Initiatives” set forth by GFWC is to get 1,000 members to join the Legislative Action Center (LAC). Members who sign up for the LAC will receive updates on specific legislation that GFWC supports. These updates will let members know when they should contact their national legislators about a particular bill. To realize the full potential of this tool, members must sign up! They can do this by going to the GFWC website (GFWC.org), click on the “Public Policy” tab, and then click on the link that says, “Take Action.”


Clubs may advocate and support legislation at any level of government that is supported by the CFWC and GFWC. Advocacy can be done by contacting legislators through phone calls, personal meetings, and written correspondence. GFWC’s national advocacy efforts are based on GFWC Resolutions. There are currently over 200 GFWC resolutions. Many of these resolutions call for members to advocate not only for national legislation but also for state laws that address an issue. A copy of these resolutions can be found on the GFWC website under GFWC Resources. Click on the “R” tab.

Recognize the Red Campaign

GFWC has asked us to adopt the “Recognize the Red” campaign. In all letters to State and Federal legislators, whether in traditional letter or email, the member should sign her name (and the name of her club, State Federation and GFWC) in RED. For traditional letters, a member should write her return address in RED and put a big check mark in RED on the outside of the envelope. 

“The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.”
― Henry James


Katherine George Chu, Chairman