“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs



OBJECTIVE - The main objective of this position is to make the meeting enjoyable for all who attend and make sure that the President does not have to worry about arrangements and logistics.

The selection of the meeting site must involve how the attendees will arrive at the site?  Nearby airport? Driving options? Parking available and costs? Hotel shuttle?

Be sure to read the entire contract.  The sales person you are working with at this time will not be the person handling the meeting once the contract is signed.  Be sure to have a completed worksheet of all rooms and dates and times required. Reserve the Presidents room for the entire stay up front.  Also, reserve any needed guest accommodations.

Meal plans take careful consideration and must include service charges and taxes.  Add to this the cost of audiovisual and other hotel meeting charges before a meeting cost is determined.  

Check with the President what the entertainment and or speaker needs will be.

The meeting planner is responsible for double checking all rooms to make sure they are set up correctly, audiovisual working; flags are in the correct locations, stairs are in place for any risers.  Arrive at the meeting site in advance of the first meeting and take care of any issues before the meetings start for all attendees to relax and enjoy the meeting and set about the work of CFWC.

This position is full of DEADLINES!  Set realistic deadlines to meet the hotel needs with reservations and meal counts.  There will always be last minute items. You will need to plan for them. Most of all stress the DEADLINE


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