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​​California Federation of Women's Clubs

We love to buy books because we believe we're buying the time to read them.
[Inside Out (VH1)]” ― Warren Zevon

My name is Sonja Hults.

As some as you have noticed, Photography is my thing. I love getting behind the camera and making the stories of the clubs come to life. I realize this is going to be a lot of information very quickly. Please feel welcome to stop me anytime regarding photography. I taught technology for many years, and I can assure you, you can solve any technology problem by googling it. Or, you can call me, and I will help you and your club understand how essential photography is to your club, how to set up and run your social media, and then learn how hashtag the heck out of our photos for the next year, spreading the news to people who have never heard of the CFWC. Bringing our news to every part of California. The hashtags we are using are #keepingupwiththetimes #cfwc #gfwc

The GFWC Photography Contests encourage artistic expression, while recognizing achievement in photography. GFWC offers three opportunities to participate in the Photography Contests:

For GFWC Photography 2018 contest is called -

These photographs and images capture the beauty of the world and people around us in three categories:

Living Things
Still Life


Due May 15, to GFWC in Pictures Contest
Also known as the GFWC Calendar Contest
Features photographs depicting the twelve months of the year, providing members the opportunity to showcase their talents while supporting GFWC through the fundraising calendar.


My home club has a writing club and they assign each other different writing techniques every month. After working together for 8 months every year they turn in their writing for GFWC judging, maybe that is something your club or district could do?

GFWC has a description of their writing contests online and here is their description.

Are you a storyteller? Share your creativity and inspire others. Use your own life experiences to create fictional narratives and poetry. GFWC sponsors this creative writing contest for members and community youth you foster community spirit, talents, and growth. Write with heart and soul but be mindful that the elements of a short story are vividly presented; namely the setting, characters, plot, conflict, climax, and theme. Display your talents and be awarded for it!

The GFWC Writing Contests seek to provide an avenue for GFWC members and community members of all ages to freely express themselves, as well as draw upon their experiences through writing. These submissions illustrate the talent of GFWC members and are a reflection of our communities.

There are four categories for entries:

GFWC Member Short Story Writing Contest
GFWC Member Poetry Writing Contest
Youth Short Story Writing Contest
Youth Poetry Writing Contest

OK - tons of information. It is all available on the GFWC website. OR Call me.  I am in the book. Can’t wait to meet you.