“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs


Welcome to Our GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs Web Site for the 2018-2020 Administration. The CFWC “Keeping Up With The Times” is our new theme.  Please take a look around and see what each Officer and all the chairmen have to offer. We are trying out some new ideas to make this site more user friendly. The “members only” section is where the members of our California Federated Clubs can find the 2018 -2020 Yearbook and Procedure manual, Bylaws, Standing rules and other information for your clubs that includes names and personal information. 

My two President’s projects are “Adopting a Shelter Pet” and “Girls Love Mail”. Many of you have been working at or for pet shelters for years now, keep up the great work and thank you. Pets need forever homes but there are more ways to help the animals than money and actually adopting a dog or cat yourself. You can give a shelter near you items off their wish list or work at the shelter or even help at a fund raiser or have a fund raiser yourself. I know they all need money but the shelters all need help too.

“Girls Love Mail” is a wonderful organization located in Folsom, Ca. Gina the founder had breast cancer and received a lovely letter of support in the beginning of her treatment and was amazed how much it helped her. So she founded GLM. What you do is easy but not so easy. You write a letter from your heart to support a girl, a woman or even man who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. They all start “Dear Sister” or “Dear Friend” and you say something from your heart. The letters are handwritten, that is part of the from your heart. You mail them to the Girls Love Mail organization which then sends the letters on to cancer centers. Please go to Girlslovemail.com for more information. This is something that has touched us all, breast cancer.

It is my deep belief that we should have fun while we work hard to meet our goals of making our communities, California and our world a better place for all to live.  Also, that we should make new friends while we do that work. What a fabulous thing to be able to do to make the world around us a better place.

We are not repeating some information from the GFWC Manual because under the GFWC tab at the top right side of the Home Page is a link to that manual. You should get the information right from the source material.  There is also a nice letter to us from GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock along with a lovely photo.

We want to do something fun at each CFWC Board meeting on Saturday’s at lunch. Something to help you relax and enjoy your friends, make new friends, laugh and to make the group stronger. A leadership exercise. What a surprise! That fun has a good leadership purpose.

I am happy to say that at our first Board meeting the Beach Party had many of our members up on their feet dancing and having fun while getting to know all the new chairmen and officers. Everyone told me afterword they enjoyed it. Our Saturday parties are not limited to members of the CFWC board and Club or district members may join us for the fun.

We want all of our members to attend all or any part of a board meeting whenever you can. Contact Valerie Barnes for the price of a single meal or the whole event there is a registration fee too. These meetings are part of your organization. You pay dues. You are entitled to attend.

Some meetings are closed for reasons that everyone can understand.

September is the meeting that District membership people are invited to attend and the CFWC membership Team has a special workshop just for them and this year it is in Oakland. February is when the Leads participants from each District are invited to attend and the Leadership Team has a workshop for these 18 special ladies chosen by their districts. District Presidents start looking for your Leads attendees now!

Please invite myself and any other officers or chairmen to any one of your meetings. This is a Speaker’s Bureau run by the CFWC for your clubs and districts. CFWC will pay to get the speaker to you. The club or district has to pay for their meal or meals and in some cases put them up for a night. Someone in your club or district must have an extra bed. Look what you get an exciting speaker about a project or about a CFWC subject your Club wants to know more about or should know more about. You get to introduce your group to what CFWC can do for you. This is another thing that you get when you are a member of GFWC and CFWC. There are benefits to belonging to our wonderful organization that you can see and touch.

You should also feel free to call me or others in this administration with questions. We are all here to serve to you. Yes, serve you. So please enjoy the web site take a look around and if you find something you like, just do it!