Yolanda Petroski, Chairman

The GFWC Public Issues Community Service program outlines how clubs can actively participate in the following categories:


Celebrate patriotism through education of flag etiquette and the responsibilities of citizenship by voting in all local and national elections.  Be informed voters!
Participate in local Chambers of Commerce and other local governmental groups.
Use resources, including GFWC Resolutions to increase patriotism and active community involvement.


Support local VA Centers, USO, Fisher Houses, etc.  Their needs are great and varied.
Donate items for care packages sent overseas, including notes of appreciation.
Clip coupons which benefit military families stateside as well as abroad. Every GFWC Club is asked to include one project devoted to women in the military to meet our goal of participation from 1,000 clubs!


Encourage members to have disaster preparedness kits as our state is prone to earthquakes as well as fires and floods. Learn how to be prepared to face disasters in your immediate area by undergoing civilian emergency response training. Host CPR training sites for the community. Check with your local fire department for class schedules.


Work with local law enforcement agencies on crime prevention programs. Show your appreciation for fire and police department personnel. Sponsor AAA Safe Driving Seminars as well as Personal Safety Workshops. Participate in National Night Out™ events in your community. They will provide a resource kit at  no charge.

GFWC RESOURCES – Sew Much Comfort,   USO


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