“CFWC Keeping Up With The Times"

​​California Federation of Women's Clubs



“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” 
― Stephen Hunt, The Court of the Air

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Director of Finance, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, President, and First Vice President.


DISTRICT TREASURERS: Using the Remittance Form, send all monies made out to CFWC for dues and club donations for CFWC approved projects to Marsha LaRusso. Financial Secretary. Dues for new and late paying members, send on the 15th of each month.

DONATIONS: Members can donate to various GFWC and CFWC philanthropies on our website.  General donations to CFWC will be credited to the reserve accounts unless the donor specifies where they wish to donate.  Many donations are sent directly to the recipients either by the Club or District. If checks are written directly to the charity, please note on the Memo line that you are a GFWC – CFWC Club, District, or Member.  For additional information please visit the Chairmen’s pages. All Art and Music donations go to the CFWC Arts Fund.

Caroline Severance Memorial State Endowment Fund is kept invested. Any dividends or interest from this fund is credited to the General Fund. Funds are used to carry the message of Federation to clubs by members of the Executive Board for Itinerary, Area Seminars, and other means of communication.

The principal of the Foundation Fund is invested. The interest is used to send State Officers and Chairman to represent GFWC California Federation at meetings of outside organizations and to provide those services which are not now available from either the General Fund or the Caroline Severance Memorial State Endowment Fund.

The Helen Tunkis and Jo Windsor Memorial Funds are also used to further the work of the GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs.


All Remittance Forms can be found at the CFWC website: www.CFWC.org, under “Forms/Logos”. Donation forms can be found at the CFWC home page under “Donation Forms CFWC”.