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A Message from Pam Ament, CFWC President 2020 – 2022

President’s Special Projects

Military & Veterans
I have chosen to honor all aspects of the military over the next 2 years. As a veteran, I know there are myriad ways we can support both active duty military and veterans. Any type of project that demonstrates support for those who have chosen to serve our country goes.
Saving the Honeybees
The importance of honeybees is often overlooked. When we use pesticides or replace plants with concrete and steel, the result is fewer honeybees and disruption to our food chain. Bringing awareness of the honeybees’ plight is a win-win! Plant lovely flowers in a pot or dedicate a larger space for pollen collection in the yard…both you and the honeybees will love it!

Change is an inside Job! Truly, we cannot change anything but what is within ourselves and that takes strength. Think of the butterfly and what it must undergo from caterpillar to cocoon to its emergence as the butterfly: Change!

I chose the theme: CHANGE IS BEAUTIFUL for this administration some time ago. For many years now, many of you have listened as I have spoken about change in many ways. Change is not a word that comes easily to some. We all have our way of doing things and “Change” alludes to something new and possible fear.

Do not fear, for that gives in to fear and has little to do with Change. Fear is an emotion, a reaction and Change, well Change is an action and we should begin each day by openly embracing it.

I am so excited to be representing each of our members in the California Federation of Women’s Clubs as the President. It is a great responsibility to be the bottom foundation of every club member in this state and hold you up higher from my capable hands and shoulders. I do not take the job lightly and have sought out the position for an exceedingly long time, since 2004. I have watched it come to fruition knowing that with each step toward my pyramid of leadership, I have something special to offer and I have learned so many specials things I want to share. I hope you agree.

Remember, Change is an inside job: you are changing now, hopefully always. Ask yourself: how is that affecting your membership in Federation? How can we allow the Change to happen within us and stay sure footed and strong? It is most likely a painful thing to Change from caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly. Think about what each stage of Change must choose to leave behind to emerge, spread their wings and fly! Let us all fly together!

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