Report Writing

Writing annual narrative reports is an important part of the club year. These reports highlight club and district service projects and also document your club’s history and community impact.

IMPORTANT! Dropbox Training for District Deans: Nov 1st, 9:00 am on Zoom. See Report Writing Instructions (below) for Zoom codes. This training concerns the submission process for calendar year 2022 reports.

2022 Report Writing Instructions / Report Writing FAQs
GFWC Guide: In-Kind Donation Value / Where-to-Report Guide

Save blank forms to your computer/device BEFORE adding content.

Affiliate Data Report (fillable) / Affiliate Data Report (PDF format)
Statistical Report (fillable) / Statistical Report (PDF format)

Club Award Entry (fillable)
Club Award Entry (PDF format)
Club Award Entry (WORD format)

District Award Entry (fillable)
District Award Entry (PDF format)
District Award Entry (WORD format)

2022 State Award Entry Cover Sheet (fillable)
2022 State Club Creativity Award Cover Sheet (fillable)

FILLABLE FORMS: Step 1: Save blank form to your computer. Step 2: Open the document now saved on your computer and complete your report. To re-save: right click (make sure cursor is NOT sitting in a text box), choose “save as” and keep the same title you gave it originally. When prompt says “this file already exists, do you want to replace it?” Select YES.

Forms in WORD Format: Click document link, then open the download communication box appearing at bottom of screen to fully open the document. Save blank template to your computer. NOTE: If using an Apple/Mac computer, save document as/into “pages”