Reggie Mattox, CFWC Chair
Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) is a GFWC-sponsored reading program for club members. GFWC has compiled a suggested reading list (below) and encourages ESO participants to progress in this tiered program by reading a required number of books at each level. To participate in ESO, members shall first complete and submit the ESO application and pledge (below). Readers choose the books they’d like read in each category and submit brief reports to their club or district ESO chairman.

For more info, see the GFWC ESO webpage.

NOTE : if you prefer to complete a “fillable form” by hand – right click on the link; select “open link in new window”; then click the printer icon.

ESO Brochure (2023 edition)
ESO Program – General Info (2023)
ESO Application and Pledge (fillable)
Category Book Report (submit w/ cover sheet) (fillable)
Cover Sheet – Member/Star/Torch Levels (fillable)
Cover Sheet – Century/Diamond Levels (fillable)
GFWC 2022-24 ESO Reading List