2nd Vice President, Membership

Sonya K. Matthies
2020 – 2022

It is an honor to serve as the California Federation of Women’s Clubs 2nd Vice President, Membership. Our 9,032 members are the foundation of our Federation, serving in 224 clubs and 18 Districts throughout California.  

Change is Beautiful is the CFWC 2020-2022 Membership Team theme. Without change, things stay the same and ultimately become less attractive! Change adds adventure to our lives and gives us the opportunity to embrace new experiences. Change is important if we are to maintain and grow our membership and change can be rewarding and fun!

Look for new ways to attract members; plan meetings and programs that will keep members interested and involved; reach out to your communities and governing bodies for speakers and follow up with news articles.

When considering change, think of the beautiful butterfly and all that it went through in the process of change! The butterfly is viewed by many as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. CFWC President, Pam Ament, chose the butterfly as her logo representing “Change is Beautiful” (note the delightful bee that’s also in the logo)!

The Membership Team of Area Vice Presidents are known as the “Honey Bunch!” We will be buzzing throughout California and working hard to promote membership. I encourage you to embrace the idea of change as you work to grow your membership. Share your love of Federation with others and always remember to be kind.