2nd Vice President, Membership

Wendy Curran
2022 – 2024

Hello Members! As we begin the 2022 Administration, it is an exciting time. As Chair of Membership for CFWC, it is up to me and the members of the Membership Committee, the (4) four Area Vice Presidents, to create a meaningful, engaging theme for the next two years. I believe we have done just that – The Spirit of Aloha. So, we say: ALOHA!

While you may know the basic meaning, there is much more to the Spirit of Aloha. Often it is used to say “hello” or “goodbye” when parting. On the surface, it may be a noun – that implies love and fellowship. When one looks deeper, more is revealed. It is more than a greeting, conveying regard, affection, and is done from the heart. Some have suggested that it may become a personal motto; ALOHA at its roots is “joyfully sharing life.” So, it is no surprise that Aloha reflects being positive, respecting one another, giving back, and creating joy.  

What better way for our Federation to embrace The Spirit of ALOHA, than to live up to its meaning in everything we do for our communities, our country and the bigger picture, our world. As members, by embracing Aloha in all we strive for epitomizes the example for everyone. And that will help our member clubs grow as we invite new members to join with us.

Each of us, each member, holds the key to creating a better future. Without members and the addition of members to our Clubs, helping those in need will be more difficult as time goes on. Let’s ask ourselves: How would the founding women of our Federation, those who struggled, took on the tasks, banded together to create change, and improve everyday life, how would they see that vision and where we are now? I choose to believe that those who’ve come before us, walked in our shoes, and dug deep to create change, see that we are continuing their vision.

Yet, there remains so much more we can and will accomplish. It starts with a new commitment to our members and the opportunity for others to join our Membership Team. “Membership Matters” – plain and simple. As members, let us each invite a new person to join with us, share our vision and passion. Proudly wear your Club shirt out in your community, have a business card ready to give to others, share your Club activities via social media, and recommit to inviting everyone to be a part of this wonderful Federation.

Say “ALOHA”! Our future begins right now.

2022-2024 CFWC Membership Brochure
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