2nd Vice President, Membership

Sonya K. Matthies
2020 – 2022

It is an honor to serve as the California Federation of Women’s Clubs Second Vice President, Membership Chairman. Our members are the foundation of our Federation and number over 11,300, with 242 clubs and 18 Districts.  

The California Federation of Women’s Clubs is a volunteer community service organization that is diverse in age, interests, and experience.  Clubwomen are united by a desire to make a difference in their communities through working together on projects that promote education, preserve natural resources, encourage healthy lifestyles, support the Arts, and contribute to international understanding.  We are a very “busy” group!

Our California Federation of Women’s Clubs Area Vice Presidents, in working off President Pam Ament’s Theme, “Change is Beautiful”, have chosen to be known as the “Honey Bunch” and given this officer the title of “Queen Bee”! Oh, what fun we will have working together and spreading our wings throughout our beautiful state of California to meet, educate, and learn from our Districts and Clubs.  The Area Vice Presidents are our “worker bees” and they are excited to begin their duties, please contact them.  I look forward to hearing from you about your accomplishments or concerns and am thrilled to be “buzzing along” with you! Federation’s Trail!  Always remember to: Bee lieve, Bee Kind, Bee Helpful, Bee Friendly and Keep Buzzing!