Area A Vice President

Cindy Sanders
2020 – 2022

What an honor it is to serve as the Area A Vice President! I am looking forward to the next two years working with the Membership Team, the Honey Bunch. Our amazing California Federation of Women’s Club organization is made of a diverse group of members from all parts of our great state. Area A includes most of Northern California comprised of 6 Districts including Alameda, Loma Prieta, Mount Diablo, Redwood, Shasta and Sutter. With 64 Women’s Clubs located in a large geographical area, each Club is distinctive, with a variety of programs and projects that offer Clubs the opportunity to bee unique.  

Membership is truly the foundation of every Club and every member should beelieve in the importance of recruiting new members. Try implementing a motto such as “If it is to bee it’s up to me” and encourage every member to invite a friend to a meeting or Club event. Membership is an area that every Club member can participate in.

It is important for Clubs to have a plan in place to identify prospective members and to also welcome them when they join.  A New Member Welcome Packet should be a tool that every Club uses as a gift to educate a new member and to provide the necessary information that a new member needs to bee successful. If your Club needs help putting together a New Member Welcome Packet, I would bee happy to assist!

Retention of existing members is a vital component to the success of our Clubs. We need the knowledge and wisdom of our existing members partnered with the new ideas and energy of incoming members to create a buzz. This will ensure the future success of every Club. Every member is a valuable asset and should be appreciated. With everyone working together every Club can bee a happy hive. I would be honored to attend your District meetings, your Club meetings and special events. Please include me in your invitation list and send me your newsletter. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know your members! Please remember that I am here to help in any way that I can. Together we will continue to make our communities and the world a better place. Bee sweet and bee kind!