Area A Vice President

Nancy Jo Banko


As we set sail on the MemberSHIP, we’ll need all hands on deck. Membership is a collaborative effort, and we will need to pull together to share ideas on how to recruit new members and keep current members engaged.  Our six districts are widespread, from the mountains to the valleys to the coast and everything in between. Whether city or country,  each community has its own needs and it’s wonderful that Federation provides a way to serve each community.

It is my plan to visit all six ports at least once in the next two years. I’m excited to get to know members of each district better and learn about your projects and goals.  I am also happy to attend club meetings when invited.

I will meet regularly [via Zoom] with the district presidents to keep everyone up-to-date on CFWC business and to share ideas.  I intend to continue with an Area Bulletin, in which districts and clubs can share information and post events and projects. 

Hopefully, we can establish at least one new club in the next two years. I have the information needed and can help advise and guide you through the process.

The Area meetings at Executive Board meetings and the annual Conference are another opportunity to exchange information. I am your resource/guide to help you navigate through issues that arise; please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Working together, we’ll have wind in our sails, friends in our boat and smooth sailing!

Bon Voyage!