Area B Vice President

Rosette Clippinger
2022 – 2024

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as your CFWC Area B Vice President. The last few years taught us many things as we embraced the learning curve needed to successfully use technology to not just maintain, but enhance, our Clubs, Districts and personal lives. Skills we thought we’d never know or use are now important parts of how we do business, live our lives and maintain positive relationships. I firmly believe it is the blending of the new with the tried-and-true that creates the best path to walk.

Leadership and membership are intertwined. To be successful, our organization at all levels needs to help members feel valued, safe and connected. This state of mind is what keeps members involved and what attracts others to join. My role, and the role of those in charge of membership at the District and Club levels, requires building a strong core team that works together to create the environment and conducts the many activities needed to attract new members and strengthen the connection of our current members.

No organization can be all things to all people. A key is spending the time to develop the core strength and direction of your Club and/or District. When an organization develops a good definition of what members are passionate about, what they feel they can be best at and what drives their resource engine, this formal consensus can become the basis for generating a sense of purpose and commitment among members. We want members, both current and future, to feel a sense of commitment to the goals we embrace. Knowing what you are about and being able to articulate that in an easy to understand way is the beginning of establishing an identity that people want to support.

Being visible and vocal at public events and actively sharing the specifics of that sense of purpose builds a bond among members. Volunteering helps to establish your brand.  These two things generate a curiosity about your organization and attracts new people to join and to support the achievement of your purpose.  I am here to serve you. Share your successes with me so that they can be an encouragement to others. Contact me if you need suggestions or ideas. Invite me to attend your events. Attend the upcoming Area B Conference to learn, connect with other members, and gain ideas to help you be the best you can be.