Area C Vice President

Sandy Tessier

Ahoy! And Welcome aboard our 2024 – 2026 CFWC MemberSHIP

My name is Sandy Tessier and I am the new Area C Vice President. The main focus for the CFWC Area C VP is MemberSHIP. All the Area VPs are under the leadership of Cindy Sanders, the CFWC 2nd Vice President. She has given us a great theme to our two year tenure:

MemberSHIP: How fun! Just think how creative we can be using this clever theme. We are sailing our MemberSHIP into new ports looking for new members to join us. There are people out there just looking for our particular type of ship.

Who are they? I propose our ideal member is a woman who has recently retired from her career, or perhaps a woman who has lost her partner. These are vital women who have lots of energy. They also have 21st century skills honed from their years of work. They are ready to share and to use those skills. They want to give back and make a difference to their communities, and most of all they are looking for new, lasting and meaningful friendships.

How can they find us? Where do they look?

  • Social media: These women use the internet. They look online. They use social media. Many of our new recruits come to us without ever meeting one of our members. They have heard of us because of what we do, or they have been looking for a volunteer opportunity online. Make sure your club is visible so they can find you.
  • Advertising: Spread your name all over the community. Make sure people know the good your club does. When they find out about you they will want to jump on your amazing MemberSHIP.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising can be a membership opportunity. Is your club doing the same old fundraising activities that only include your existing members? How about doing something a bit bigger or different? Ask me for ideas, I have lots of them.

How can we find them? Make your club noticed. Join the local Chamber. Collaborate with local non-profits with similar goals. Remember, these are women of the 21st century. They look on social media. So be there! Post the “doings” of your club, what you have done, what you are going to do and what you are doing right now.

They want to join, now what? Our new prospective member found your club online and is very impressed. She wants to sign up and pay online. Can she? Is there a place on your website where a prospective member can sign up and pay? Does your website have a “Donate” button? You never know, someone might want to give you money. Make it easy for her to come on board.

Now, let’s keep those members on board Are you welcoming new recruits on board only to have them soon jump ship? Do you know who is no longer attending? Who has disappeared? Where did they go? Why did they jump ship?

My job as Area C VP is to help YOU. I would love to meet you and share ideas. Please invite me to a meeting or fundraiser. I learn so much from getting to know you and I hope you can learn something new about building your club membership from me.

Let’s work together to increase your MemberSHIP !