Area C Vice President

Marcia Willett
2020 – 2022

What does an Area VP do?  Well, according to the bylaws, at least two things: 1) the Area VP’s work with the CFWC 2nd VP Membership as a committee to help the 2nd VP develop a comprehensive membership program, and 2) they coordinate the Area Conferences and Area Meetings at Convention.  The category of Membership which the Area VP’s focus on is most vital because the successful recruitment, training and retention of members have a direct impact on the organization’s ability to achieve its goals.

Since the state of California is so large and diverse it would be impossible for a single individual to have in-depth knowledge of each district in the state.  It therefore makes sense to have a committee to work on the issues of Membership. The Area VP’s are charged with having extensive knowledge of each of the Districts which constitute their Area.  The Area VP is a resource to the District Presidents, and to the 1st and 2nd VP, s for anything and everything to do with membership.  They are available to hold membership training sessions, to make presentations to clubs and districts on membership topics and, most importantly, to support the District President and officers responsible for membership.

My personal goal for the next two years is to be more than just a name and a title. I want to become an integral part of each District in the membership category and partner upon which the Districts can rely in all their endeavors.  I believe the Area VP should function as the Districts’ personal coach, helping each to navigate any unforeseen situations and reach their goals. The state President’s theme this year is “Change is Beautiful.” To this we certainly aspire.  As we all know, change can be challenging and even uncomfortable at times.  But by thinking ahead, communicating effectively, and working in unison we can ensure that the changes we make are indeed, ultimately, “beautiful”.