Area C Vice President

Barbara Jean (BJ) Addis
2022 – 2024

Thank you for the opportunity to be the next Area C Vice President! I hope this is really exciting for all of us! Like my predecessors, I would LOVE any and all clubs and districts to invite me to visit. I like to put as many faces to the names that I hear as possible. Please also include me in your newsletter distribution lists. I hope to keep up with all the neat things you’re doing through any media available. At CFWC state meetings, when asked what Area C has been up to, I want to shower them with news of your efforts.

An Area VP’s main focus is MEMBERSHIP. Finding new members and retaining our existing members is tantamount to GFWC remaining a vibrant organization. Yet, to many people, we are invisible where we should be a shining beacon. I was recently asked, “Just what do Woman’s Clubs do?” I had to really work at paring down my reply (when I could have talked about us for days!). Still, she was glad to know that SOMEONE was helping the many causes we embrace. Now, I just need to get her interested enough to join us!

We need to put all our efforts into removing our invisibility. I hope our seasoned members are talking to prospective members whenever and wherever they are out in the community, and possibly stirring in them a desire to help us with our ongoing community causes. It is often our senior members that have the knowledge, kindness, and mentoring skills that we need. I hope we will continue to respect these long-time members for all they have contributed.

Another avenue to pursue is instilling in our members the desire and excitement to move into CFWC leadership. We have a superb CFWC leadership program, known as “LEADS” (Leadership, Education & Development Seminar), available to candidates chosen annually by each District. Could that next LEADS candidate be you? 

  • Are you the next mentor to a young person just stepping in to meet us? 
  • Are you the shining example in your club because you keep active in it?
  • What can I do to help? I’m here and ready to come say hello anytime.