Area D Vice President

Wendy Curran
2020 – 2022

Welcome to the California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC) Area D. Our Area covers the southernmost parts of California. And since our great state is so large, 4 Areas are geographically designated. The counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial make up this area.

In Area D, there are 4 Districts – DeAnza, Palomar, San Bernardino and Southern. There are 56 member clubs whose goals are to make their communities, our state and yes, even our country the best it can be.

How do we accomplish that? One project, one goal, one helping hand at a time, and with our members. Members make the difference. Each of us as a member can help make a project benefit the greater good.

Still, the question remains – How? Let’s look at our experiences as members. I first joined the Grand Terrace Woman’s Club in 1987. It was a new experience for me – working with many wonderful members supporting a variety of worthwhile community projects. It was a departure from my time spent with PTA, coaching my sons’ soccer teams and being a Mom. One of my most cherished memories was my mentor – Pat Nix. As a new member, Pat helped me learn not only about the club and our projects, she introduced me to the members and helped me understand the many club activities. She guided me through the bigger picture of the District and CFWC. In 1992, I was elected club President and our CFWC President was my mentor – Pat Nix. Learned a lot more about CFWC! Over the years, I’ve served in many capacities at my club. Serving as Club President 2 more times and serving as the District Conservation Chairman, Convention Chairman, District 2nd Vice President (Membership) and as District President, 2016-2018.

Now as Area D VP, my attention is squarely placed on MEMBERSHIP. Here come the questions: How do we increase our membership? Retain our members? Encourage members to participate? Maybe the questions are really the answers – “Bee” one, bring one; honor our members, recognize their achievements, value them and include members in the process. There is a lot we can do. It starts with understanding that without members, we fall short on our project goals. Members Make the Difference. We can all “Make the Difference.” As members in our clubs, our districts and as members of CFWC. The time to start is now. “CFWC is Un”BEE”lievable” and we are the members to get it done.