Financial Secretary

Jill Drescher
2020 – 2022

The Financial Secretary is a member of the CFWC finance committee.  The Financial Secretary records the minutes at committee meetings and distributes copies of finance committee recommendations to the CFWC Executive Committee.

Perhaps the most important duty of the Financial Secretary is to receive and promptly deposit all dues and other funds received from CFWC-approved projects. A report of all deposits is regularly provided to committee members. 

The Financial Secretary is responsible for distributing the annual Club Information Form (aka Data Blank) and the District Remittance Form to all District Presidents, and ensures that current dues and donation forms are available on the CFWC website. The Financial Secretary maintains an accurate record of annual dues received from CFWC clubs. If dues for any club are not received by June 30, the Financial Secretary advises the appropriate CFWC leaders (CFWC President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Area VP, and the District President).