Financial Secretary

Toni Lima

The CFWC Financial Secretary serves as secretary at Finance Committee meetings. In this role, I will record and distribute meeting minutes to members of the Finance Committee and prepare any Finance Committee recommendations for presentation to the CFWC Executive Committee.

As Financial Secretary, I receive all funds submitted to CFWC, including: dues; donations to CFWC-approved projects; fundraising monies collected at CFWC meetings; etc. I am required to promptly deposit all funds received, maintain an accurate and detailed account of the source of deposits and the accounts to which they shall be credited.

The Financial Secretary is responsible for distributing the yearly Club Information Forms (dues statements) and the Remittance Form used by districts to remit dues to CFWC. These forms will be updated for the 2024-2026 term and distributed to all districts at the CFWC Winter Board Meeting held in February.

Using information provided on Club Information Forms, the CFWC Financial Secretary keeps a record of all clubs, listing the Club President’s contact information, the number of club members, and the amount each club has paid in dues.