Financial Secretary

Jill Drescher
2020 – 2022

The Financial Secretary is the Junior member of the Finance Committee, below the Treasurer and Director of Finance.  These three officers together with the President and 1st Vice President make up the Finance Committee.

As the name implies the Financial Secretary takes minutes at the Financial Committee meetings and maintains copies and reports for our outside Accountant.  She also distributes copies of recommendations to the entire Executive Committee.

Probably the most important duty of the Financial Secretary is to receive and deposit all monies received from dues and CFWC approved projects.  These should be deposited with our bank promptly. 

A detailed report of all deposits made is made monthly and sent to the members of the Finance Committee with the original filed for audit.  Each member of the Executive Committee receives a copy of funds received for review at their meeting.

The Financial Secretary is responsible for distribution of Club Information Form/Dues Statements and the Treasurer’s Report Sheets to the Districts.  Copies of these forms are provided to the Corresponding Secretary for the yearbook and to the President (if requested) and 2nd Vice President.  At the beginning of her term she must contact the CFWC Webmaster to update the remittance forms so that they are sent directly to her.

If a club has not paid their dues by June 30th the District President, President. 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President and Area Vice President are to be advised.

At the end of the fiscal year the books must be closed right away for review. Lastly within two weeks at the end of her term all retained books, papers and records should be passed on to her successor.