Financial Secretary

Deborah Bushnell

As part of CFWC’s 3-member Finance Committee, I am responsible for recording minutes of committee meetings and distributing committee recommendations to the CFWC Executive Committee. I also receive and deposit all funds collected as dues or donations toward CFWC- approved projects or funds. As financial secretary, I maintain a record of all current GFWC/CFWC members by club, district and area and oversee distribution of the annual Club Information Form and Dues Remittance Form to all districts.

The Club Information Forms and membership dues no later than June 30of each year. If a district has not submitted dues by that date (or by the date approved by the Executive Committee), I will notify the district president and the appropriate CFWC officers about the delinquent dues (i.e., CFWC president, 1st VP, 2nd VP, and Area VP). District treasurers are also required to submit member dues by the 15th of each month (June – December).

Donations toward CFWC’s Art & Music Fund; Foundation Fund; Emergency Disaster Fund; or  Itinerary Fund are also submitted to my attention.

All necessary dues and donation fund forms are available at the “Forms” tab.