Joyce Opjorden
2022 – 2024

Parliamentary procedure is a must to assure that all members may be heard.  During the meeting, the parliamentarian advises on parliamentary procedure.  Only the presiding officer has the power to rule on questions of order. 

CFWC Bylaws, Article XVII cites the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised as our governing document. Robert’s Rules of Order 12th Edition (the most current edition), as well as Robert’s Rules of Order in Brief 12th Edition, are available online and in many bookstores.  You can find additional study materials at the National Association of Parliamentarians website (

At club meetings:

  • Have a copy of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised available for reference
  • Have current club bylaws and standing rules available for reference
  • Know the quorum number required to conduct business during the meeting
  • Keep track of motions, their amendments (if any) and the final disposition of each motion
  • Maintain a position of impartiality

Club members who complete 20 hours of parliamentary study in prescribed courses of Robert’s Rules of Order will receive Parliamentary Study Certificates of Completion. These certificates are presented at the CFWC Convention.