Recording Secretary

Rita Aleman
2020 – 2022

The Recording Secretary’s primary responsibility is to keep the minutes of the meetings of the organization. It is important that a true and correct record of all minutes kept on file, as these records are the history and legal information of the organization.

The Recording Secretary:

Records the minutes of all meetings.

Ensures that the minutes- a permanent record of the club’s activities and decisions are preserved in an organized and readable form.

Provides a copy of the minutes to the President and Parliamentarian, and any others specified in the bylaw, within the time limit.

Calls the meeting to order and presides over the meeting when both the President and Vice President are absent and until a temporary chairman is elected.

Signs legal documents as required.

Has motion forms and ballot materials available, if needed. The name of the motion maker and the date is required.

The ABC’s of Minutes:

Minutes should be an accurate listing of all business; in the order it was presented.

Minutes should be brief omitting all personal comments.

Minutes should be a clear recording of what was done.

Standard Minutes:

The form for standard minutes is divided into four parts.

The first paragraph includes: the kind of meeting, name of organization, date and time and place. Note that the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read or corrected.

The body should have a separate paragraph for each subject matter.

The last paragraph has the time of the adjournment.

The signature should be that of the Recording Secretary; do not use “Respectfully Submitted.” Following approval, record the date of approval with the Recording Secretary’s initials written below the minutes.