Recording Secretary

Cindy Sanders
2022 – 2024

Aloha! The duties of the Recording Secretary for the California Federation of Women’s Clubs will include the keeping of minutes of meetings, attendance and the compilation of records. This sounds very basic, right? In many ways it is, and this method of preserving facts will continue just as it has since January 1900, when our State Federation was founded with forty Clubs representing 6,000 members. While it is true that some of my predecessors likely hand wrote the minutes then used a typewriter to complete the process, their records have been kept and preserved. The sharing of this pertinent information probably was completed by sending copies through the mail. Thankfully, times have changed! I will use my cell phone to record meetings while also taking handwritten notes. I’ll then transfer the information to a written format on my computer for distribution by email. Hooray for progress!

My position as Recording Secretary will challenge me to keep accurate accounts of meeting minutes, motions and other important actions taken by our members. However, the best part of my role will be the opportunity to spend time at meetings and conventions with all of you – my Sisters and Brothers in Federation!

A special magic happens when we gather and meet in person — smiles, laughter and beauty fills the room when we are together. Knowledge, ideas and creativity are shared. Friendships are fostered and renewed. While it may be true that the smiles and laughter may not make it into the minutes, the camaraderie of our CFWC family will continue to play an important role in the future of our organization.

Aloha means to respect and love one another and to live in harmony with everything around you. Just as aloha is something that must be experienced, the love and generosity of the California Federation of Women’s Clubs is also best enjoyed in person. “Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence.” Our existence as an organization relies on each member to participate, attend and invite at the Club, District and State levels.

I look forward to serving as the California Federation of Women’s Clubs Recording Secretary for the 2022-2024 term. CFWC is indeed blessed, bright and bold!