Jill Drescher
2022 – 2024

As CFWC Treasurer, I am part of the 3-member CFWC Finance Committee, which also includes the Director of Finance and Financial Secretary. Although I work closely with all members of the finance team, my primary duty is the timely and appropriate disbursement of CFWC funds at the direction of the Director of Finance.

Another important responsibility while serving as Treasurer is to learn about and prepare to advance into the position of CFWC Director of Finance when the next administration begins in 2024. An incoming member of the finance committee (i.e., as financial secretary) typically makes a 6-year commitment to serve in each financial position: financial secretary, treasurer, and director of finance.

Please know that each member of the CFWC Finance Committee is available to assist and offer guidance on matters pertaining to district and club financial requirements and concerns.