Communicating With (and Gaining) Members on Social Media

Social media is computer technology that allows individuals, companies and other organizations to view, create and share information, ideas, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. Social media can help foster a sense of connection with real and/or online communities and can be an effective communication and marketing tool. The benefits of participating in social media have proven help build reputations, make friends, locate career opportunities, and provide income. One of the best opportunities presented by social media is the ability to find people with common interests.

We can’t discuss social media without mentioning a major relationship network such as Facebook. Relationship networks allow us to keep our communications in one place and share updates easily. They also offer a chance for brands to connect to their users on a personal level. These days, most brands have a Facebook page or a Twitter account in order to reach their audience online and address customer service issues.

Media sharing networks are defined by the primary type of media shared among users. Facebook and Twitter have amazing video and image-sharing capabilities; however, the majority of posts shared on these channels contain text. On Flickr or Instagram, photographic images are the main focus. Sites such as YouTube or apps like Snapchat, video is the primary mode of communication.

Now, the real question is how to utilize social media to promote CFWC and the amazing things federated clubs are doing in their communities every day? Answer? HAVE A WEBSITE! HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! SEND TWEETS THRU TWITTER! POST A SIMPLE VIDEO ON YOU-TUBE .

Use social media to stay connected with your members. Initiate an email-tree when quick contact is needed (similar to a phone-tree). Create a club newsletter that formats easily when attached to an email. Better yet, send members a link that opens the newsletter via your club website.

Use social media to announce club / district / area / state meetings. Post fun and engaging pictures and short notes about recent club events. IMPORTANT! Be sure to keep your site updated — there’s no bigger turnoff than to open a Facebook page and see nothing recent and old photos! 

A relatively new type of GFWC club is the “Cyber Club” Cyber clubs are designed for women who want to make a difference through volunteer service but cannot attend meetings in person.  These types of clubs don’t hold typical in-person meetings; they rely, instead, on email blasts, posting photos and project ideas to their Facebook page, and providing updates on a website. Cyber clubs should continue to encourage members to attend state and national conventions.